Managing Overjet and Overbite in Class II Treatment

Dr. Todd Bovenizer

Complex Class II cases with overjet or overbite pose a challenge for any clinician and must be managed carefully at every visit. In this webinar, Dr. Todd Bovenizer presents in-depth cases and discusses how to treatment plan while anticipating the common mid-treatment adjustments needed to finish complex Class II overjet/overbite cases to optimal results. He shares his best practices, lessons learned, common pitfalls, and discusses the critical element of patient compliance.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Diagnosing and selecting proper torque as the critical foundation for proper case management–beginning with the end in mind!
  • Properly utilizing light elastics, disarticulation, and other clinical tools to avoiding common pitfalls such as canine flaring.
  • Managing patient compliance as a critical element to successful and efficient case finishing.
  • Reevaluating, reading, and reacting at every appointment as the case progresses.

Dr. Bovenizer is a paid speaker for Ormco Corporation. The opinions presented in this program are those of the lecturer(s). Patient results may vary. Clinicians use your own judgment in treating your patients.

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Venue Details
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