Dr. John Warford shares the results of his in-office comparison of two aligner brands to find which achieved more predictable results, fewer refinements, and better patient satisfaction. Quality finishes are the number one goal for all of us; how you get to that goal matters too. Whether you’re traveling across the street or the state, treatment efficiency and “far fewer visits” are the goals shared by everyone, particularly with our patients. Treating with efficiency like this, and its dramatic reduction in chair time provide many interesting opportunities for the creative orthodontist who wants to have greater control over their practice and lifestyle design.
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The patient exhibited a Class 1 crowded malocclusion, featuring moderate crowding in both the upper and lower jaws. She had a convex facial profile with a slightly retrusive mandible. This was due to a vertical mandibular pattern. Additionally, her smile esthetics were compromised due to a constricted arch form with tapered buccal segments, resulting in poor smile width and dark buccal corridors.
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The Artistic Approach to Creating Exquisite Frost Smiles with Advanced Technology Orthodontics, once rooted in traditional practices, is undergoing a profound transformation in the modern era, fueled by a rapid influx of technological advancements. This evolution is significantly reshaping patient expectations, with a growing demand for innovative solutions like clear aligners that offer superior results. In response, orthodontic professionals are compelled to adapt, reinvent, and expand their practice to meet these changing dynamics.
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