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Dr. John Warford shares the results of his in-office comparison of two aligner brands to find which achieved more predictable results, fewer refinements, and better patient satisfaction. Quality finishes are the number one goal for all of us; how you get to that goal matters too. Whether you’re traveling across the street or the state, treatment efficiency and “far fewer visits” are the goals shared by everyone, particularly with our patients. Treating with efficiency like this, and its dramatic reduction in chair time provide many interesting opportunities for the creative orthodontist who wants to have greater control over their practice and lifestyle design.
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Ormco is uniquely positioned to provide doctors with the clinical freedom they want to treat patients their way. Now with Ormco Digital Bonding, Ormco has leveraged its premiere orthodontic solutions to provide orthodontists with even greater flexibility, more treatment options and an overall trouble-free workflow.
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With its unique features, including the parallelogram-shaped slot, round-sided rectangular wire, and versatile Ultima Hook, the Damon Ultima system offers precise control over tooth movements, addressing the limitations of previous PSL brackets. By streamlining the treatment process and enhancing finishing accuracy, the Damon Ultima System proves to be a worthwhile investment, enabling orthodontic practices to achieve optimal results while maximizing productivity.
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For orthodontic practices aiming to boost efficiency and profitability, a single source for digital orthodontic needs is the way to go. Ormco has provided us with a comprehensive bundle of products that not only streamline our workflow but also improve our results, ultimately benefiting our patients and our bottom line.
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