Damon Ultima System: Advanced Features for Efficiency and Precision

Damon Ultima System: Advanced Features for Efficiency and Precision


Passive self-ligating (PSL) brackets have distinct advantages over traditional twin brackets. Unlike twin systems that use ligature ties to secure the wire in place, PSL brackets employ a door mechanism to hold the wire. This allows the wire to move freely within the bracket slot, significantly reducing friction and force during sliding mechanics.

As a result, clinicians can align and level the teeth more quickly and apply minimal force to the teeth and periodontal ligaments, promoting a more comfortable treatment experience.

A Full Expression System

The Damon Ultima System stands out with its unique characteristics tailored for exceptional results. As the first true “full expression” system, it is designed to achieve quicker and more precise finishing. The system comprises the Damon Ultima bracket, featuring a parallelogram-shaped slot, and the Damon Ultima round-sided rectangular wire. This eliminates any give within the system, enabling precise control over rotation, angulation, and torque movements.

How It Evolved

For orthodontists who may have had unsatisfactory experiences with PSL brackets in the past, the Damon Ultima System offers substantial improvements. Ormco, a pioneering force in orthodontics, revolutionized the field with the Damon system’s initial release in 1997. The current Damon Ultima System represents the ninth generation of innovation. It incorporates the challenges doctors have shared about previous PSL brackets.

With the Ultima System, orthodontists gain complete control over rotation, angulation, and torque, enhancing treatment outcomes. Furthermore, the new Ultima Hook, compatible with Damon Ultima systems, is a versatile hook that can be repositioned up to three times. This feature not only saves time but also reduces the need for ligature and power chain adjustments, streamlining the treatment process.

How It Works

One of the longstanding issues in the PSL world has been the lack of accuracy and control in finishing details. However, the Damon Ultima system overcomes this challenge through its distinctive design. The round-sided rectangular wire and parallelogram-shaped slot of the Ultima system facilitate direct engagement at two vertical and two horizontal contact points. This unique integration empowers clinicians with specific control over rotation, angulation, and torque movements, ensuring accurate and controlled finishing.

Obtaining a Significant Return On Your Investment

While it is true that quality twin brackets with accurate and consistent slot dimensions can be obtained for around $1 or even less, the ROI (Return on Investment) with the Damon Ultima premium bracket is significant in practical terms. The precise control offered by the Ultima system leads to highly efficient treatment results, minimizing the need for wire bends and repositions. As a result, orthodontic offices can significantly reduce the number of visits required per case, maximizing productivity and allowing for a greater number of patients to be treated within a given timeframe.


In conclusion, the Damon Ultima System provides orthodontists with a superior solution for effective and efficient treatment. With its unique features, including the parallelogram-shaped slot, round-sided rectangular wire, and versatile Ultima Hook, the Damon Ultima system offers precise control over tooth movements, addressing the limitations of previous PSL brackets. By streamlining the treatment process and enhancing finishing accuracy, the Damon Ultima System proves to be a worthwhile investment, enabling orthodontic practices to achieve optimal results while maximizing productivity.

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