Revolutionizing Orthodontics: The Artistic Approach

The Artistic Approach to Creating Exquisite Frost Smiles with Advanced Technology by Drs. Stuart Frost and Trevor Nichols

Orthodontics, once rooted in traditional practices, is undergoing a profound transformation in the modern era, fueled by a rapid influx of technological advancements. This evolution is significantly reshaping patient expectations, with a growing demand for innovative solutions like clear aligners that offer superior results. In response, orthodontic professionals are compelled to adapt, reinvent, and expand their practice to meet these changing dynamics.

Embracing this paradigm shift means understanding that orthodontists are more than just clinicians; they are artists sculpting smiles. Similar to how a painter envisions the final strokes before the canvas, orthodontists must visualize the desired results before commencing treatment. This approach involves redefining the parameters of aesthetic excellence and reimagining orthodontic interventions as artistic expressions that transform patients’ smiles into masterpieces.

What is a Frost Smile?

Against this backdrop, the concept of “The 5 keys to creating beautiful Frost smiles” emerges as a comprehensive guide for practitioners, harnessing the potential of cutting-edge technology, such as the Spark Clear Aligner System from Ormco Corp. This innovative aligner system boasts the TruGEN material, renowned for its advanced sustained force retention and improved tooth contact surface area, facilitating efficient tooth movement compared to other brands. The transparency and unique scalloped design of Spark’s TruGEN further elevate its appeal, ensuring both clinical effectiveness and enhanced aesthetics.

The 5 keys to creating beautiful Frost smiles

Key #1 underscores the significance of midface support, emphasizing the need to prioritize facial aesthetics and structural integrity, particularly in the context of aging. By preserving or modifying the mid-face, orthodontic interventions can enhance facial harmony and counteract the effects of volume loss and tissue degeneration, ultimately contributing to a more youthful appearance.

Key #2 challenges the conventional orthodontic focus on lower incisors, advocating for a strategic shift towards addressing upper incisor positioning to elevate smile aesthetics. Achieving optimal incisor display and gingival show during a natural smile becomes the hallmark of successful treatment planning.

Key #3 delves into the critical aspect of arch width, emphasizing the importance of achieving a harmonious buccal corridor and aligning posterior teeth to create a captivating, seamless smile flow. By ensuring consistent torque transitions, practitioners can craft smiles that captivate without distraction, leaving a lasting impression.

Meanwhile, Key #4 explores the nuances of smile arc, highlighting its influence on the overall aesthetic appeal of a smile. By aligning the curvature of the maxillary incisal edges with the lower lip, a natural and pleasing smile arc can be achieved, complementing the facial contours and enhancing the overall harmony of the smile.

Further, Key #5 emphasizes the essential role of both hard and soft tissue contours in creating a captivating smile. By meticulously shaping and refining the teeth with specialized tools and utilizing soft-tissue laser technology, orthodontists can achieve natural-looking veneer-like results, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the smile.

The integration of Spark Aligner’s Approver software and CBCT technology serves as a powerful ally, enabling practitioners to consistently deliver exceptional results. Leveraging these tools allows for precise customization and accurate diagnoses, enhancing the overall treatment experience and bolstering the practice’s reputation for excellence.


In embracing this holistic approach, orthodontists are encouraged to unlock their inner artist and adopt these keys to unlock the potential for creating captivating smiles. By constantly striving for improvement and embracing the transformative power of orthodontics, practitioners can not only elevate their own craft but also contribute to the greater good, one radiant smile at a time. In this spirit of collective growth and excellence, the future of orthodontics shines brightly, offering boundless opportunities for both practitioners and patients alike.

Trevor Nichols, DMD, MS, practices at Frost-Nichols Orthodontics in Mesa, Ariz. Nichols attended Arizona State University where he completed a bachelor’s degree and Arizona’s School of Dentistry and Oral health for his doctoral training, certificate in dental public health, specialty training in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics and gained a master’s degree while completing research on temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Stuart Frost, DDS, is a recognized orthodontist, lecturer, educator, and author of The Artist Orthodontist. He is the owner of Frost Orthodontics in Mesa, Ariz, and received his dentistry degree from the University of Pacific and his orthodontics specialty certificate from the University of Rochester.

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