A Hometown Orthodontist Who Built her Practice After Finding the Right Aligner System

A Hometown Orthodontist Who Built her Practice After Finding the Right Aligner System by Dr. Alyssa Emory-Carter

Many orthodontists claim to be deeply connected to their communities, but Dr. Alyssa Emory-Carter, DDS, MS, is a hometown doctor. Born and raised in a small town near Sherman, Texas, Emory-Carter now owns and operates Dr. Alyssa Orthodontics, which has three thriving locations in the northeast corner of the Lone Star State. With a love for challenges and a commitment to delivering the best possible care, Emory-Carter has established herself as a respected orthodontist and a leading advocate for advanced technologies in the field.

A Journey from Patient to Owner

Dr. Alyssa Emory-Carter’s orthodontic journey began as a patient herself, under the care of local orthodontist Dr. Bill Robinson. Inspired by her positive experience, she joined Robinson’s practice as an associate before realizing her dream of becoming a practice owner. Today, her 5,500-square-foot office in Sherman serves as the primary location, while offices in Gainesville (2,400 square feet) and Bonham (1,300 square feet) are quickly gaining momentum.

Building to Full Ownership

Emory-Carter didn’t start with immediate ownership but patiently learned the ins and outs of the business before buying out the main practice and its satellite location, eventually assuming sole ownership. The recent addition of a third practice in Bonham allowed her to consolidate all three locations under her ownership overnight. Despite the responsibilities that come with running multiple offices, Emory-Carter thrives in the busy environment, constantly seeking growth and improvement.

Enhancing Efficiency and Streamlining Operations

Upon taking ownership, Emory-Carter focused on improving the efficiency and streamlining operations of her practice. Recognizing areas for improvement, she devised strategies to optimize the use of resources and maximize the practice’s capacity. By implementing her keen sensibility and challenging the status quo, she created a solid foundation for further growth.

Building an Aligner Relationship

Emory-Carter is known in the Sherman community for her commitment to technology and her early adoption of systems that enhance patient care. She has established a strong relationship with Ormco Corp, the manufacturer of Spark Clear Aligners and other dental/orthodontic products. Emory-Carter chose Spark Clear Aligners due to their predictability, simplified systems, and superior patient experience. The partnership with Ormco has been ongoing since her residency and has proven to be highly successful in her practice.

Eliminating Patient Frustrations

Emory-Carter’s dedication to her patients led her to analyze Spark Aligners and compare them with other popular aligner brands. She found that Spark Aligners effectively addressed common patient frustrations, offering better tracking, shorter treatment times, and fewer appointments. The aligners’ design, comfort, and stain resistance set them apart from competing brands. Emory-Carter’s commitment to providing the best possible patient experience has made Spark Aligners an integral part of her practice.

The Advantages in the Plastic

Spark Aligners, designed by Ormco, have proven to be effective in treating a wide range of malocclusions. Emory-Carter highlights the close contact points between the aligners and the teeth, which enhances comfort and improves clinical outcomes. The proprietary material used in Spark Aligners provides sustained force retention, optimal surface contact area, and better stain resistance. Emory-Carter appreciates the flexibility offered by TruGENTM and TruGENTM XR, the two varieties of aligner plastics used in Spark Aligners.

Not All Aligners Are the Same

Emory-Carter emphasizes that not all aligners are created equal, debunking the notion that they are essentially the same. Each aligner brand utilizes unique proprietary materials and manufacturing processes, resulting in significant differences in performance and patient experience. Emory-Carter commends Spark Aligners for their exceptional materials and manufacturing standards, setting a high bar for the industry.

The Good Days

As the owner of multiple orthodontic offices, Emory-Carter understands the importance of self-reliance and leadership. She appreciates the strong relationships she has cultivated with her team members, patients, and colleagues. Emory-Carter finds great joy in positively influencing her patients’ lives and providing an amazing work environment for her team. Crafting beautiful smiles and witnessing the transformative impact of orthodontic treatment are immensely rewarding for her.

Dr. Alyssa Emory-Carter’s journey from being a patient to becoming a respected orthodontist and practice owner exemplifies her commitment to excellence. Her passion for embracing advanced technologies, such as Spark Clear Aligners, has revolutionized the patient experience in her practice. Through her leadership and dedication, Emory-Carter continues to shape the field of orthodontics while positively impacting the lives of her patients. With her unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care, she sets a high standard for orthodontic professionals everywhere.

Featuring Dr. Alyssa Emory-Carter, DDS, MS

Dr. Emory-Carter attended Oklahoma State University and within three years earned a Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Biology, and a minor in General Business. She completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery from Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry. Alongside completing her DDS, she earned a Certificate in Healthcare Education from Texas A&M Health Science Center. Dr. Carter completed her orthodontic residency at the University of Florida College of Dentistry where she received her Certificate in Orthodontics and Master of Science in Dental Sciences and was nominated by her peers and faculty for her leadership, service, and optimism to serve as chief resident. Throughout her educational journey, she earned numerous leadership and academic awards, including the AAO Charley Schultz Resident Scholar Award. Her research efforts were published in the Public Library of Sciences journal.

Greg Thompson is a contributing writer for Orthodontic Products. Article originally appeared in Orthodontic Products magazine.

Dr. Emory-Carter is a paid consultant for Ormco. The opinions expressed are those of Dr. Emory-Carter. Ormco is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own professional judgement in treating their patients. Teeth images have not been altered. Patient results may vary.

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